About Gate 5

Meet Our Founders

The three Gate 5 founders have a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences, yet they are united by their passion for sustainability and creating a better future for our community and the planet.

CEO and board member, Steve Delson, has spent decades creating sustainable and welcoming communities through planned developments with the
Mission Viejo Company.

Richard Sherman, board member and business executive, provides a background of innovation in asset-protection strategies and insurance products for the business sector.

Board member, Lisa Heinz, brings her family’s legacy of delivering quality and healthful products. In fact, for more than 150 years, the “Heinz 57” brand has represented quality and innovation.

The Gate 5 System embodies just that – creating and recovering renewable resources from a variety of “waste” streams.

Gate 5 Beginnings



The Gate 5 vision began with a recognition that public health and the environment are irreparably harmed by the accumulation of organic waste such as sewage sludge and animal manures. The company sought a way to transform this waste material into useful resources.

In 2010, Lisa Heinz, Richard Sherman, and Clifford S. Heinz were presented with the opportunity to acquire a new technology for improved management of sewage sludge. In 2011, Steve Delson and Lynn G. Holton were approached to evaluate the technology. The group formed the company, acquired the patent, and set forth a strategy to implement the technology.

Together, the team developed the Gate 5 system on a strong foundation built on the principles of providing reliable, resourceful, and resilient solutions that will transform our world by increasing the use of sustainable and renewable practices.


The Gate 5 System has evolved into a scalable, efficient, and economic method to convert sludge, biosolids into 100% usable products. Today, Gate 5 is exploring opportunities for full-scale installations, pilot scale operations, and investments by exceptionally interested parties.

Collaboration Philosophy

Gate 5 thoroughly understands the importance of collaboration with all levels of an organization because they have collectively seen firsthand projects succeed or fail based on the level of collaboration involved.

Gate 5, early on, adopted the tenets of the Environmental Management System (EMS) for Biosolids from the National Biosolids Partnership (NBP) which is a true partnership of the USEPA, Water Environment Federation and the National Association of Clean Water Agencies. Gate 5 believes outreach, education, and involvement in the decision making, both internally and externally, is critically important in gaining staff and public support for any project, particularly those involving organic waste residuals, such as biosolids.

Gate 5 is currently exploring opportunities for full-scale installations, pilot-scale operations, and investments by exceptionally interested parties.

Let’s transform resource recovery together.